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Why Perfume Oils?

Hi there, you probably clicked on this page thinking well, why perfume oils?

Sit tight and let us tell you in a few points why you should switch to perfume oils!

Perfume oils last longer: Oils (perfume or unscented) naturally absorb onto the surface of the skin. Perfume oils are made from oils, the scent of the oils sticks to the skin helping the skin to capture the scent and last for longer. Whereas high street perfumes eventhough they touch the skin, the alcohol/fillers not only waste the scent but dry up the skin.
A little goes a long way: High street perfumes are sold from sizes 30ml or more. How long does a 30ml bottle of perfume last you if you use it everyday? Not very long. Perfume oils are sold from sizes as small as 3ml, we usually stock 10ml-12ml in a roller ball bottle. A single roll on each part of the body where you usually spray perfume is enough and you're good to go. A typical 12ml bottle could actually last you around a year even if you apply it every morning, so a little definetly goes a long way. Perfume oils can even smell great up until the next morning, that's an extra win!
Value for money: When you purchase a perfume off the high street (no particular brand) you're not paying for just the perfume, indirectly you're contributing towards the fancy packaging, the sleek shaped bottle, any celebrity endorsements and other corporate marketing/promotion for the brand but all you wanted was the perfume, right? When you a purchase perfume oils from anywhere you're only being charged for the perfume itself, no fancy bottles (unless you wish for a fancy bottle), no celebrity endorsements or big corporate marketing plans. 
Body chemistry: Another amazing fact about perfume oils is the way oils work on your body. After a few hours you would notice an increase in strength of your perfume oil eventhough it was only a little you applied in the morning. Oils work alongside your body temperature, as your body heats up the scent becomes stronger. Whereas high street perfumes begin strong but after a few hours the chemical fillers take over and eventually the perfume has faded.

Furthermore, let nature be on your side... the wind pushes a smell around the air  so that amazing perfume oil scent will be leaving a trail to your left right back and forth. Everyone is feeling that scent! 
Widely available: as small as the perfume oil market may be on a national scale your signature scent is available from suppliers out there. You can still enjoy your morning perfume in  a better form and at a fraction of the cost, still smelling great and feeling good!

All products from Pure Fresh Fragrances are for external use only, unless otherwise stated.

Keep out of sight and reach of children. Keep away from eyes, if swallowed seek medical attention immediately.